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May 14th - 18th, 2014 (click for map)

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Event Location:
The Turnberry Isle Hotel and Resort, Aventura, Florida

Organizer Contact:
(941) 753-7940
Fax: (941) 753-7948

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Category: American Rhythm
Dances: Swing
Levels/Age Groups:
Level:Above Gold - 1Dance Age:L-A3 Level:Above Gold - 1Dance Age:L-B1
Level:Above Gold - Advanced Age:L-A3 Level:Above Gold - Advanced Age:L-B1
Level:Above Gold - Beginner Age:L-C3 Level:Above Gold - Open Age:L-A3
Level:Above Gold - Open Age:L-B1 Level:Above Gold - Open Age:L-C3
Level:Bronze - 1Dance Age:AC-C2 Level:Bronze - 1Dance Age:G-C2
Level:Bronze - 1Dance Age:L-A3 Level:Bronze - 1Dance Age:L-B1
Level:Bronze - 1Dance Age:L-B2 Level:Bronze - 1Dance Age:L-B3
Level:Bronze - 1Dance Age:L-C1 Level:Bronze - 1Dance Age:L-C2
Level:Bronze - Advanced Age:AC-B2 Level:Bronze - Advanced Age:AC-B3
Level:Bronze - Advanced Age:L-A3 Level:Bronze - Advanced Age:L-B1
Level:Bronze - Advanced Age:L-B2 Level:Bronze - Advanced Age:L-B3
Level:Bronze - Advanced Age:L-C1 Level:Bronze - Advanced Age:L-C2
Level:Bronze - Beginner Age:AC-B2 Level:Bronze - Beginner Age:AC-B3
Level:Bronze - Beginner Age:L-A3 Level:Bronze - Beginner Age:L-B1
Level:Bronze - Beginner Age:L-B2 Level:Bronze - Beginner Age:L-B3
Level:Bronze - Beginner Age:L-C1 Level:Bronze - Beginner Age:L-C2
Level:Bronze - Full Age:AC-B2 Level:Bronze - Full Age:AC-B3
Level:Bronze - Full Age:G-B3 Level:Bronze - Full Age:L-A3
Level:Bronze - Full Age:L-B1 Level:Bronze - Full Age:L-B2
Level:Bronze - Full Age:L-B3 Level:Bronze - Full Age:L-C1
Level:Bronze - Full Age:L-C2 Level:Bronze - Intermediate Age:AC-B2
Level:Bronze - Intermediate Age:AC-B3 Level:Bronze - Intermediate Age:L-A3
Level:Bronze - Intermediate Age:L-B1 Level:Bronze - Intermediate Age:L-B2
Level:Bronze - Intermediate Age:L-B3 Level:Bronze - Intermediate Age:L-C1
Level:Bronze - Intermediate Age:L-C2 Level:Bronze - Newcomer Age:L-B2
Level:Bronze - Newcomer Age:L-B3 Level:Bronze - Newcomer Age:L-C1
Level:Bronze - Newcomer Age:L-C2 Level:Bronze - Open Age:AC-B2
Level:Bronze - Open Age:AC-B3 Level:Bronze - Open Age:G-C2
Level:Bronze - Open Age:L-A3 Level:Bronze - Open Age:L-B1
Level:Bronze - Open Age:L-B2 Level:Bronze - Open Age:L-B3
Level:Bronze - Open Age:L-C1 Level:Bronze - Open Age:L-C2
Level:Gold - Beginner Age:L-A2 Level:Gold - Beginner Age:L-A3
Level:Gold - Beginner Age:L-YTH Level:Gold - Full Age:L-A2
Level:Gold - Full Age:L-A3 Level:Gold - Full Age:L-YTH
Level:Gold - Intermediate Age:L-A2 Level:Gold - Intermediate Age:L-A3
Level:Gold - Open Age:L-YTH Level:Proficiency Bronze - 1 Dance Age:AC-C2
Level:Proficiency Bronze - 1 Dance Age:G-C2 Level:Proficiency Bronze - 1 Dance Age:L-C2
Level:Proficiency Bronze - Beginner Age:L-C1 Level:Proficiency Bronze - Intermediate Age:L-B2
Level:Proficiency Bronze - Intermediate Age:L-B3 Level:Proficiency Bronze - Intermediate Age:L-C1
Level:Proficiency Bronze - Newcomer Age:L-B3 Level:Proficiency Bronze - Newcomer Age:L-C1
Level:Proficiency Bronze - Open Age:G-C2 Level:Proficiency Gold - Open Age:L-C2
Level:Proficiency Silver - 1 Dance Age:L-B3 Level:Proficiency Silver - Beginner Age:AC-C2
Level:Proficiency Silver - Beginner Age:G-C2 Level:Proficiency Silver - Beginner Age:L-C1
Level:Proficiency Silver - Beginner Age:L-C2 Level:Proficiency Silver - Full Age:L-D1
Level:Rising Star 1 Dance Bronze Age:L-B3 Level:Rising Star Advanced Bronze Age:L-B1
Level:Rising Star Advanced Bronze Age:L-B3 Level:Rising Star Beginner Bronze Age:L-B1
Level:Rising Star Beginner Bronze Age:L-C1 Level:Rising Star Intermediate Bronze Age:L-B1
Level:Rising Star Intermediate Bronze Age:L-C1 Level:Rising Star Open Bronze Age:L-B3
Level:Silver - 1Dance Age:L-B2 Level:Silver - 1Dance Age:L-B3
Level:Silver - Advanced Age:L-B2 Level:Silver - Advanced Age:L-B3
Level:Silver - Beginner Age:AC-C2 Level:Silver - Beginner Age:G-C2
Level:Silver - Beginner Age:L-A3 Level:Silver - Beginner Age:L-B1
Level:Silver - Beginner Age:L-B2 Level:Silver - Beginner Age:L-B3
Level:Silver - Beginner Age:L-C1 Level:Silver - Beginner Age:L-C2
Level:Silver - Full Age:L-A3 Level:Silver - Full Age:L-B1
Level:Silver - Full Age:L-B2 Level:Silver - Full Age:L-B3
Level:Silver - Intermediate Age:L-A3 Level:Silver - Intermediate Age:L-B1
Level:Silver - Intermediate Age:L-B2 Level:Silver - Intermediate Age:L-B3
Level:Silver - Open Age:L-B2 Level:Silver - Open Age:L-B3
Level:Silver - Open Age:L-YTH  
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